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Hello, World!

My new website is here! Currently we have…

  1. Songs to think about,
  2. A nice bit of writing,
  3. Poems to top it off.
  4. An anonymous troll-hacker slain! Back for revenge.Gone?
  5. Missions.
  6. Coding();
  7. Gaming stuff
  8. 200+ Posts

As you may have noticed, I’ve been moving around the site a bit. I’ve changed around the widgets, edited some pages & posts, and created a shiny new menu for site navigation. I will continue to improve the site, constantly edit this post, and if you have any suggestions, leave them into the comments, I’ll read them. 😉 Enjoy the blog! 🙂 — James



I haven’t posted in actual literal years. My life has been far too… complicated, for my own good. I wonder how my friends on this site are doing? It’s been far too long!

Honestly, I’m a different person now than who i was back then. Seems like it’s time to start up a new blog.

(…Maybe as a half birthday present to myself? We’ll see)